About Us

Built to Last

Since 1993, we’ve been fabricating high-quality stainless steel equipment and products across a range of industries, from stainless steel restaurant equipment to stainless steel cabinets and carts for laboratories and commercial use.

We focus on specialty stainless steel fabrication because it’s hard to get right. It’s one of the more complex steels to work with, and requires more precision and care when cutting, forming, welding and fabricating.

Of course, every successful project starts with our people – our team of stainless steel fabricators boasts decades of experience. Customers benefit from our deep understanding of the material, our strong custom metal fabrication background, and our ability to make products of all types.

And, because we reinvest in our people, equipment and technology, we are able to manufacture more efficiently and deliver high quality products at affordable prices.


We are laser focused on providing our customers what they need when they need it. Large or small, our team can fabricate from your design and specifications or help design and fabricate a solution for you.

Whether you need all of our services or just one of our capabilities, we are committed to providing every customer with smarter solutions and superior customer service.

While we are proudly based in Cleveland, Ohio, we serve customers across the globe.

Let's bring your idea to life.

With a focus on quality and on-time delivery, there's no limit to what our team of designers and craftsmen can create.