We are foodservice equipment fabrication specialists.

We have been manufacturing and fabricating custom stainless steel foodservice equipment for more than 25 years.  Our stainless steel tables, countertops, shelves and sinks have been used in commercial restaurants, food manufacturing, laboratories and residences nationwide. All of our materials are NSF certified.

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We manufacture stainless steel products used at commercial sites where food and pathogen safe surfaces and cleanliness are mission critical.  We have designed and manufactured stainless steel work tables, compartment sinks, stainless steel cabinets, dish tables, wall shelves and more for commercial kitchens in restaurants, hospitals, labs, grocery stores, community centers and places of worship.


We are licensed to provide NSF certified products and can provide UL labels on pre-wired chef's counters and pass through shelves. 


All of our stainless steel products are built to last.  We manufacture everything in Cleveland Ohio using heavy gauage, 304 stainless steel.



Want to add stainless steel to your home?  Look no further!  We can help with any size residential project from stainless steel wall shelves and countertops to full stainless steel custom cook centers.


Stainless steel has many characteristics that can benefit your home!


EASY TO CLEAN: It is odor and stain resistant and can be easily cleaned and sanitized


FOOD SAFE: Not only is stainless steel odor and stain resistent it is also germ resistant


DURABLE: We use heavy guage 304 stainless steel for all of our products which means our products will last for years to come and you don't need to worry about fading, discoloration or rust and corrosion!   


An example of some of the products we have designed and manufactured include:


  • Stainless Steel Countertops and Kitchen Islands
  • Stainless Steel Work Tables
  • Kitchen Sinks and Cabinets
  • Stainless Steel Wall Paneling
  • Replacement Paneling for Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Stainless Steel Wall Shelving for Garages and Basements
  • Outdoor Cabinets and Entertaining Areas


If you or your clients are interested in incorporating stainless steel to the kitchen, garage, bathroom, basement, outdoor entertainment or any other area, we can help!


Stainless Specialties, Inc has been fabricating stainless steel foodservice equipment for more than 25 years.  Most of our team has worked with stainless steel their entire lives, which means that our customers benefit from our team’s years of experience and expertise.  Whether you need something large or small, we can help design and fabricate a custom solution for your stainless steel product and project needs. 



We provide solutions for both commercial and residential applications.  Our focus is primarily on foodservice related projects and kitchens but we have done a number of other interesting products and projects over the years including stainless steel wall paneling, stair treads and architectural pieces.


We serve customers worldwide but are proudly based in Cleveland, Ohio. 



Address 33240 Lakeland Boulevard Eastlake, OH 44095